Safe Space Institute


About The Client

SafeSpace™ Institute, founded by Integrative Psychotherapist and Trauma Expert, Melissa Lapides, is an online based community and educational campus. They teach a comprehensive framework for psychological safety and trauma informed healing and practices based on the proprietary SAFE™ Method, a unique and experiential training, which is the foundation of our curriculum.


The Challenge

A new website design is not just important but essential for SafeSpace™ Institute as an online-based community and educational campus. It enhances their online presence, user experience, and brand consistency while showcasing their commitment to creating a safe and inclusive digital space. It also positions SafeSpace™ Institute for growth and success in a competitive online education and community building landscape, attracting members seeking a supportive and educational online environment.

The Solution

Premier Marketing’s website design was instrumental in helping SafeSpace™ Institute establish themselves as a trusted and inclusive presence in the online trauma healing community and educational industry. The design effectively conveyed safety, inclusivity, and professionalism while engaging visuals and content showcased their commitment to healing and support. This design continues to play a pivotal role in attracting individuals seeking healing resources and a supportive online community, contributing to SafeSpace™ Institute’s impact and success in the online trauma healing landscape.

Services Provided



April 2023 -
June 2023

Marketing Service

Website Design & Development

The website design was crafted with a strong emphasis on inclusivity and safety, aligning perfectly with SafeSpace™ Institute’s mission. From the very first glance, visitors were greeted with a welcoming and secure online environment, which is crucial in the context of trauma healing. We adopted a user-centric approach to ensure an exceptional user experience. Navigational elements were intuitive, ensuring that visitors could easily find the educational resources, support, and community they needed. This user-friendliness encouraged active participation and engagement.
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