Better Setters


About The Client

Better Setters, or BSG for short, is a staffing and training company designed to solve the immense challenges of client acquisition for growth-minded entrepreneurs. BSG was built to eliminate the entrepreneur from having to generate their leads by bringing the process in-house with a talented (but cost-effective) remote team member who receives ongoing training on an award-winning B2B lead generation system: Your Better Setter.


The Challenge

Having a new website design and implementing an SEO campaign are imperative for Better Setters’ success as a remote staffing and training company. These initiatives enhance their online presence, credibility, and user experience. They also ensure that they attract targeted traffic, generate high-quality leads, and remain competitive in their industry. These investments are essential for growth and achieving their business goals.

The Solution

Premier Marketing’s website design and SEO campaign played a pivotal role in establishing Better Setters as a prominent remote staffing and training provider. The design effectively communicated their unique value proposition, while the SEO efforts improved their online visibility, attracting targeted traffic and generating high-quality leads. These initiatives continue to contribute to Better Setters’ growth and success in the competitive remote staffing and training sector.

Services Provided


June 2023 -

Marketing Service

Website Design & Development

The website design created for Better Setters Group played a pivotal role in elevating their credibility and online presence within the remote staffing and training industry. It conveyed professionalism, trustworthiness, and a commitment to excellence through its design elements. The user-friendly navigation, engaging visuals, and valuable content all contributed to a positive perception of Better Setters Group as a leader in their field. This boosted their online presence, attracting potential clients, job seekers, and partners seeking remote staffing and training solutions.
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Marketing Service

Premier CRM Automation

Premier CRM proved to be a valuable tool for Better Setters in managing leads and optimizing their sales funnel in the specialized field of remote staffing and training. It streamlined lead capture, nurturing, and conversion, facilitated personalized communication, and provided valuable insights into lead and client interactions. This comprehensive solution continues to enhance Better Setters’ ability to attract, convert, and retain clients and job seekers in the competitive remote staffing and training industry.
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