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As a realtor in a highly competitive market, we needed a way to help get Andrew a slight edge over the competition. To show his knowledge of the market, especially in 2022, while catering to his clients personally to show we do care! 

Considering that, we developed three separate videos in three different settings to utilize on his website and social media. We anywhere else desired that his clients would be able to see him explaining to build trust and credibility. 


We completed an in-home walk-through video to show a recent house build-out for an interested buyer in the market to show the great location in Charlotte and all the benefits the house brought!

Showing a development property minutes from the city center of Charlotte that was close to being done was the following property to highlight what this can look like by comparing another famous close-by area shot with a drone in multiple locations. 

An overview video of Andrew and his business was the last video that showed all the highlights of why he’s a good fit along with why Charlotte is a great market to buy in, which goes through all the best properties to buy and sell with the help of Yancey Realty. 

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