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project overview


Their average customer LTV was $8,000, and their closing rate was 15-25%. Over the course of the next 6 months, our team helped them reduce their CPL by 70% and generate over 186 new leads via calls and forms.

Strategy 1/3

Building the Campaign

We often find that clients with no historical data or experience with PPC are the hardest to launch because there is very little to work with upfront. This was one of those kinds of clients. However, we were able to build a pretty decent set of initial campaigns using data from our experience with other clients in the industry. Specifically, we collected keyword data from past campaigns to identify the highest quality keywords. We also mined search term reports for negative keywords to help us prevent some common sources of wasted spending in new campaigns. We also organized campaign-specific keywords focused on locations, services, and hours and crafted copy that highlighted unique selling points for the practice. It was actually pretty fun creating the ad copy for this client! They had organized a great oral surgery experience at their location and carefully documented the good results their customers achieved. These turned out to be great selling points that gave us confidence our ad copy would help them win some quick leads.

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Strategy 2/3

Managing their Conversions

Our research during the setup phase quickly paid off for this client. We were able to demonstrate almost immediate conversion results that enabled us to move into a more serious phase of optimizations very quickly. Throughout the transition, they continued to see increased conversions and dropping CPL.

In fact, their results were so good that we increased the budget rather quickly. At the time we delivered these services, Google Ads did not provide a way for call conversions generated by location extensions to be counted in the Conversions metric in the ad account. Instead, they could only show up in the less-reliable All conversion metric. However, approximately 40% of our leads were generated by location extensions so you’re only seeing about 60% of the conversions above. To communicate this to the client, we chose to provide a detailed call log of every phone call they received from Google Ads so that they could monitor call volume and accurately understand the ROAS our campaigns were generating for their dental practice. They really appreciated that workaround solution.

Strategy 3/3

Exploring the Results

We initially calculated their target CPL to be about $400. During the first month alone, we were able to generate 26 leads with a $47.94 CPL! The client was ecstatic and asked us to help them explore other ad publishers to increase their reach. Our team met with them quickly and developed an SMM (social media marketing) strategy to complement the work we were already doing on SEM (search engine marketing). They started Facebook Ads the next month and netted some killer results on that ad publisher as well.

We’ve often found that clients who succeed on one ad publisher often want to explore additional publishers under our management. It’s a great progression from good to great in PPC, and we’re always thrilled about those opportunities.

Even 6 months later, we were still producing consistent results for this client. Notice that even though their results improved significantly by the end of the second month, it was not until the third month that things really began to take off for them. When that happened, the results far surpassed the original gains. While it might seem like an improvement is enough and that it is not worth paying for ad management if results plateau, it is important to remember that a significant part of optimization is collecting enough data to make data-driven optimizations. We love doing that, and it is the key to consistent gains over the long term.

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August 2021 - March 2022



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