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Wall Street Professionals is an Education Technology Enterprise specifically aimed at Investment Professionals. Its mission is to raise awareness about the CFA Program, explore alternative and cost-effective education without sacrificing academic excellence, and coach students to prepare and pass their CFA exams. 


We helped them achieve new heights by producing valuable content to reach a new audience in two vertical formats: creating content on social media to bring awareness to students who take the CFA exam. And two, the universities, professors, and other organizations interested in collaborating/ partnering with WSP to fuel a shared success for their students. 

1. Landing Page

Fully custom landing page built out as WSP only needed something for the website’s front-end to attract visitors. They already had built out the back-end once students, professors, and universities/ organizations sign in to enter the portal/ dashboard. The research was needed to look at other educational programs and what they highlight to attract their specific type of students to do the same for WSP. 

2. Content Creation:

Content curated on all social media channels is necessary to attract the students and educate them about the program. With such a low passing percentage for the exam, we had to convey that this program was highly beneficial and increased passing chances significantly!

3. Premier Connect:

With our LinkedIn lead generation software, we could target specific audiences such as professors, university heads, and organization presidents to get in contact to see if partnering/ collaboration was a good fit for the program and the students. 

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December 2021 - March 2022



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