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The main objective was to take over the lead generation that was coming mainly from advertisements. As we were focused on the longevity of the business, we saw that there was a lot more growth from organic impressions after our market research we decided to initiate a strategy around organic presence.

Before we could start the SEO strategy for Serenity Wellness Counseling Center, we needed to recreate the website as we could not build a long-term plan for organic growth to surpass what was coming in on the advertisement side. We were trying to grow the organic side because the advertisements were great for bringing in business, but there was no exponential growth other than by spending more marketing dollars and competing against the 20% of users who click on ads. 


Instead, we took the approach of reaching the other 80% of users who click on organic searches that populate the first page of Google, as that’s where the primary source of traffic is going to be looking along with much more growth potential without having to raise the marketing budget constantly to bring in more clientele.


Our Approach


How It Went

With this approach, we were able to hyper-localized the search key terms within a certain radius to attract people local to the clinic and help bring more awareness and credibility to the clinic by publishing blogs, having the blogs republished by local news channels, and creating backlinks with other credible sites within the same vertical. With this, Google recognized to build trust with us and send more visitors to the area that was now fully optimized and operational to handle a series of tasks a user may choose to do. 

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