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HumorPoint is an innovative humor tool that can be used to present, sell, and make an impact on the world. Because making people smile is always smart business! Our team and HumorPoint dove deep into this one as we strategized the best plan of action to monetize all the tools/ resources they had to offer to their audience. But, they had a hard time explaining what they could help with and finding the right people to provide it to. That’s where our team came in to help out with a complete redesign of the website, an animated video explainer, and the utilization of Premier Connect to find the right leads. 

This client had been running ads on Google intermittently for the last four years when they handed the account over to us. We were excited to explore their data. Their previous 30 days’ CPL was about $96. That is okay for a printing company, but we were confident we could do better once we investigated the ad account. We quickly realized they were hemorrhaging money on broad keywords for real estate signs and not taking full advantage of all their offerings, such as t-shirts and brochures. We wanted to ensure more comprehensive coverage in their ads.

About Project

1. Early Optimizations

Because this client had so much data, we wanted to ensure a smooth transition for them as we reorganized their digital advertising strategy and implementation. Therefore, we opted to optimize their existing campaigns while gradually enabling each of our newly built campaigns during the first month. This worked well for them, and we decreased the average CPL by 41% during the first 30 days while also increasing the number of leads by 43%. Once we had transitioned to the new campaigns exclusively, we saw even more improvement in the account. After managing it for just three months, we reduced the CPL to just $28 and were able to generate 56 leads during the third month. That was a 71% decrease in CPL and a 44% increase in lead volume compared to the month before we assumed responsibility for their ad account.

2. Adding More Services

In addition to the significant increase in lead volume, we also maintained a relatively high standard of lead quality for this client. This meant they were receiving excellent results from our efforts on Google Ads, and over the course of nearly three years, we’ve managed over $100K in ad spend for them (2,300+ leads at $44 CPL). 


We prioritize understanding the nuances of our clients’ companies because it is integral to effective marketing strategies. In this case, our attention to the client’s array of print services helped us lay the foundation for an effective targeting strategy (even adding Facebook Ads for a year and a half as a supplemental PPC service). In addition, their increased revenue further expanded their print production services with peace of mind.

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July 2019 - April 2022



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