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Premier Marketing offered LinkedIn lead generation previously, but we were holding back the potential of this software by labeling it under the agency name and listing it as one of the many services we offer. So, with that being said, we were able to keep the “Premier” branding to create a sister company with just one specific solution to help businesses with lead generation. Utilizing LinkedIn’s platform and database allowed us to target almost any individual in any industry/ sector. 

We were keeping the Premier branding consistent but a way to easily differentiate between our marketing agency and our LinkedIn lead generation software. This massive internal project challenged us as we built out a custom-coded calculator (ROI Calculator) to justify the cost associated with the return you can expect by utilizing our DFY solution. 


Our Approach


How It Went

We also created a fantastic explainer video that quickly explained the extensive picture overview of what our software does and whom this can help. Along with the supplemental content, we regularly publish to educate our users and provide excellent resources and value to utilize to help them initially before using our services to scale those operations within their business/ team. 

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March 2021 - June 2022




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