Men’s Medical


About The Client

Men’s Medical offer an array of services to meet male enchantment needs. By offering a combination of specialties under one roof, they create the continuity of care that assures positive member outcomes.


The Challenge

The company’s project scope grew significantly, leading to collaboration with agency partners to leverage diverse skill sets. The goal was to strategically position Men’s Medical for dominance in the Southeast market. Initially, we focused on enhancing their sales process through our HIPAA-compliant CRM portal, facilitating lead tracking and seamless transitions to a secure member portal. Running paid Google Ads and pursuing SEO, we identified a foundational challenge—the website.

The Solution

Transitioning from minimal brand awareness, we aimed for traction by creating a visually appealing website tailored to Men’s Medical’s diverse community. Simultaneously, our primary goal was to maximize conversions (CRO) from the various leads generated through channels like Google Ads, organic search results, and social media. Recognizing an issue with the old site—lots of traffic but few captured leads—we conducted market research. This led to the implementation of solutions aimed at capturing the audience’s attention, including a ” $500 coupon offer” pop-up, a streamlined appointment scheduling process, and a user-friendly site for effortless navigation.

Services Provided


June 2022 -
August 2022

Marketing Service

Website Design & Development

The Website Design service entailed the development of an appealing and functional website for Men’s Medical. The objective was to ensure the website’s user-friendliness, visual appeal, and optimization for both desktop and mobile devices. A thoughtfully designed website has the potential to enhance user engagement and motivate prospective clients to explore the services provided by the company.
web design mens medical

Marketing Service

Premier CRM Automation

Men’s Medical experienced advantages through the utilization of the Premier CRM platform, which allowed them to efficiently handle and cultivate their leads and clients within a unified, secure, and user-friendly system. This platform offered a centralized system, enabling them to consolidate and arrange all lead and client information in a single location. This made it easier for the lead generation platform to access and manage their data, reducing the chances of important details being lost or misplaced.

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