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The biggest differentiator to note between organic (SEO) and advertisements (PPC) is that people look at organic (70% of users), so your chances of getting someone to click your ad (only 30% of the market) has a less likely chance for success/more significant return. Therefore, for the longevity of any business, SEO will always prevail. 


Organic hits may take more time than running Google ads, but the return, even as short as a year, is far greater on your investment. Within the first three months, organic growth increased by 300%, with 25+ high-volume keywords ranking on page one. Now, their organic searches and Google My Business bring in about 78% of the traffic to the site rather than having to worry about constantly paying and fighting over ad space.

Initially, the website content management system (CMS) had some limitations, and we needed to build a blog from scratch to house our onsite content. Regarding Noble House Furniture’s backlink profile, there were very few referring domains and a low number of links pointing to the site. Moreover, there were several “missing” keywords (meaning that they didn’t show up on the first ten pages of SERPs) that needed to be “found.” We clearly needed to take action to increase website traffic and improve rankings. Although we did not create any new optimized web copy for the site, we did enhance the site’s backlink profile (and thus, domain authority) and on creating fresh blog content for the site. We also started tracking their phone calls and website form lead as a means to increase conversions.


Our Approach


How It Went

Also included in Noble House Furniture’s plan are a thorough website audit, 30 target keywords, keyword research, social media sharing, content posting, conversion reports, and more. As a result, the end domain rating and backlink profile saw massive gains; in less than six months, our team obtained almost 60 links for this client and increased their referring domains to 66. The client’s domain rating also moved from 0.3 to 2. While that might not sound like much, it’s a significant improvement within a short period.

Overall, the organic growth:

  • Increased 300%.
  • 25+ high-volume keywords are ranking on page one.
  • Organic searches and GMB bring in about 78% of the traffic.
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March 2021 - March 2022

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