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As you can see from the previous website to the current, a redesign was very much needed. We were able to take the Men’s Medical brand/ logo and implement it across the entirety of the site as that was not utilized at all on the old site, and even the colors and typography were not set right. Besides revamping the site to give it new life, the main goal was also for better conversions. As Men’s Medical runs ads with an SEO campaign, conversion rate optimization was vital for the best overall results. 

This company project scope started to grow more and more, and we ended up collaborating with other agency partners to make the most and use all our skillsets to benefit Men’s Medical to grow and scale to take over the Southeast market in this vertical. 

We initially came out to help their sales process with our CRM (customer relationship manager) portal (which is HIPAA compliant) that helped track the initial leads, automate many of the tasks, and close them into a member portal within the clinic. 

From there, as we were running paid Google Ads and wanting to gain an organic presence on the first page of Google with SEO, we realized that we needed to fix the foundation first, the website! So we went from no brand awareness to trying to gain some traction with their fantastic logo and created a beautiful website that catered to the diverse community they served and helped. 

The other big goal we catered towards was maximizing the conversions (CRO) from the leads we received, whether from Google Ads, organic search results from a blog, social media, etc. The issue we saw present with the old site was that we had lots of traffic with not too many leads captured. So, that’s where our team gathered market data and figured out different solutions to capture the audience’s attention, such as adding in a “$500 coupon offer” pop-up, a seamless way to schedule appointments, and a user-friendly site for easy navigation. All this is integrated with our CRM system to report on analytics in real-time back to the team to track ads and SEO conversions. 

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