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project overview


Mattbeth Construction initially had us build a site specifically for bathroom remodeling services. Impressed by the initial work, we took over their main website from the quality work we produced, and they were significantly happy! After completing the build process, we went into running advertisement campaigns on Google targeting specific zip codes in southern Florida. While the ads were optimizing, we also considered the long-term factor, which was to get organic traffic through the use of SEO on Google to take over the southern Florida market in this industry.

1. Small Website

We started with a customized, unique website that incorporated an internal dashboard that directed every user into either scheduling a call or filling out the necessary form to get their dream bathroom blueprint completed by Mattbeth Construction.

2. Main Website:

After being familiar with their business, redesigning the main site was a seamless process. Finally, we accomplished their custom site to give it a modern touch to showcase the company cares about their customers and make sure every customer has an incredible experience/ journey to find exactly what they are looking for or learn more by contacting Mattbeth Construction.

3. Ad Campaign:

Started off with a Google Ads campaign in the specific zip codes that they requested work from for specifically bathroom remodeling projects. We have had huge success so far, even from the initial months have resulted in multiple conversions. The average click-through-rate (CTR) in this industry is between 3-6% and we were able to achieve 16% so we know the ad is catching people’s attention to funnel them into the website we built which will flow them through a series of actions and ultimately into a customer! 

3. SEO:

While ads were running successfully, we determined that the best course of action for long term success would be to also capitalize on the organic traffic searches happening as well. This does take time but the results you end up getting are much higher in their return on investment.

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