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project overview


We took over this ad campaign after they tried it out themselves to where they netted 13 conversions despite spending $41,000. Therefore, we needed to decrease their ad spend and raise their lead generation rate.

We knew that we needed to revamp its Facebook ad strategy and improve the paid traffic on the business’s website. We convinced them to add their phone number to the header of their landing page and create an eye-catching button with a “click-to-call” hyperlink. We persuaded them of the need to set up call tracking and to record to allow for automatic synchronization of their conversion data with their Facebook campaigns. We also changed their ad creatives. They had used a short video of model cars crashing into each other, but we swapped those out in favor of bold image ads with two colors and a text overlay. It was an unconventional approach, but we immediately achieved better results using single images. We continued to test some variations of those ads on different audiences to improve their social proof.


Our Approach


How It Went

Performance improved in the first six months of our management (37 leads for $5000 ad spend). We tested drastically different image ads in the seventh and eighth months and, in the ninth month, initiated the focus on phone calls in tandem with our campaign optimizations (landing page optimization and implementation of all changes). The automated optimization of their Facebook Ads showed immediate improvement, but we achieved our goal of significant performance and growth by the end of the year: cost per lead (CPL) dropped from $3,154 to roughly $137.

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March 2021 - November 2021

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