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HumorPoint is an innovative humor tool that can be used to present, sell, and make an impact on the world. Because making people smile is always smart business! Our team and HumorPoint dove deep into this one as we strategized the best plan of action to monetize all the tools/ resources they had to offer to their audience. But, they had a hard time explaining what they could help with and finding the right people to provide it to. That’s where our team came in to help out with a complete redesign of the website, an animated video explainer, and the utilization of Premier Connect to find the right leads. 

1. Website

We redesigned the entirety of the website from scratch, starting with a modern design to help the customer journey process make it a seamless and fun experience. Then developed the other pages in a similar layout foundation that would highlight the best HumorPoint tools that you’d be able to access, which then was able to capture the lead. 

2. Animated Video:

To help get the right message across, we created an animated explainer video to help the users understand exactly what HumorPoint does and offers. We made sure we could resonate with the right audience, hit their pain points, and show the use cases of HumorPoint and how it can give an individual, business, or a team an edge over their competitors. 

3. Premier Connect:

With HumorPoint able to help many industry sectors, we started off targeting a handful at a time to use the tools as part of the outreach method for real-time case examples, which resulted in a great response as we paired them with our LinkedIn lead generation software solution Premier Connect. This helped HumorPoint reach the right audience in a personalized way while still automating lots of the workload and still interacting with every response even though it was at a mass scale.

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