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project overview


They had run five campaigns for about a year but with few results: the last month only generated two leads in $1664 of spend. So we helped them scale to 1,031 leads while still using the same budget, a drop of about 98% in CPL.

1. Website

Because this client had so much data, we wanted to ensure a smooth transition for them as we reorganized their digital advertising strategy and implementation. Therefore, we opted to optimize their existing campaigns while gradually enabling each of our newly built campaigns during the first month. This worked well for them, and we decreased the average CPL by 41% during the first 30 days while also increasing the number of leads by 43%. Once we had transitioned to the new campaigns exclusively, we saw even more improvement in the account. After managing it for just three months, we reduced the CPL to just $28 and were able to generate 56 leads during the third month. That was a 71% decrease in CPL and a 44% increase in lead volume compared to the month before we assumed responsibility for their ad account.

2. Animated Video:

To help get the right message across, we created an animated explainer video to help the users understand exactly what HumorPoint does and offers. We made sure we could resonate with the right audience, hit their pain points, and show the use cases of HumorPoint and how it can give an individual, business, or a team an edge over their competitors. 


services outline

Our Approach

We were able to perform an audit for this client before we started managing their account. During the audit, we noticed that they had wasted much spending on searches for clothing fabrics (the client’s brand name included the word “Fabrics,” but they were selling upholstery fabrics for furniture). This challenge was compounded by the fact that they had only added 15 negative keywords. The client recently got a new website with some unique content, which helped our specialist pinpoint the terminology that would resonate with the client’s target audience. We knew A/B testing would help us learn the rest. Once we ran some volume estimates and evaluated their monthly budget, we decided on a list of 38 long-tail keywords that we believed would drive better-qualified traffic to the client’s website. In addition, we gathered several hundred negative keywords to eliminate their wasted ad spend and overhauled the ad copy to spotlight the client’s strong track record and years of industry experience.


Our Approach

During the first couple of months of management, we observed a marked decrease in CPL and a corresponding increase in lead volume (the budget remained the same). These trends continued in the following months, and we were quickly able to hone in performance using the new, improved data from our campaigns.


Early Performance Gains


How It Went

The client was super pumped to see such a high volume of qualified leads at an affordable rate. They claimed their “phone started ringing a LOT more,” and they were “getting more and more business all the time.” We were thrilled to see their appreciation for our work.


A year later, their CPL had barely budged. However, the conversions continued to increase over time as our specialists carefully updated the campaigns. The more data we have, the easier it is to boost performance! It’s an upward spiral.

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Services Provided


August 2020 - September 2021



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