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You already know that a business needs SEO services to see significant growth for their business. After all, it’s not enough to have a website; that website needs to be found and featured prominently in relevant searches for the company to succeed.

As search engine optimization is something that takes more time compared to running regular Google Ads, we saw great results within the first four months by seeing an increase in organic growth by 200%. Along with having 10+ local custom home builder keywords ranking on pages 1 & 2. Now, they get leads every week without any ad spend as the organic traffic and investment in SEO have paid off for the long-term growth of their business to capitalize even more on their local market. 

Our website analysis gets performed before even getting started – a detailed website audit that plays a vital role in subsequent keyword rankings. For example, our analysis of the Custom Home Builder’s website allowed us to determine how to optimize existing content (including metadata) and clean up specific issues within the website’s backend (including site errors, duplicate content, loading speed, and more). Having this information from the start of the campaign is an essential first step, allowing our analysts to remove barriers to SEO success right away.


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After running and implementing the report, it’s time to focus on the recurring deliverables. Given the goals for this campaign, our team decided that mapping keywords to the services pages and focusing more on local SEO would be an optimal strategy. As part of this SEO plan, Custom Home Builders would receive two onsite blog posts, two offsite articles, and one offsite featured news story each month. These deliverables work together to keep website content fresh, improve the website backlink profile, and ensure that search engines can understand the website’s intent and value.


The result was tremendous within the first four months, increasing organic traffic by 200% and getting 10+ local custom home builder keywords on pages 1 & 2. Now, they are getting leads weekly just from SEM/ SEO.

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June 2019 - June 2021

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