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They wanted to generate $2,000 – $100,000 sales prospects into their webinar funnel. They started with a $15-20 CPL, and we helped them generate 4,000+ leads during the first seven months we worked together, with a 43% drop in CPL.

project overview

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This client had already been running ads for a while, so we were able to get started with a decent amount of data. We broke the data down into segments by age, interest, location, and creativity to compare and contrast the previous results. We also learned that their campaigns were evergreen, so it was constantly being recycled for new leads every week. That immediately helped us realize that we needed to segment their audiences by duration, to avoid showing the same ads to people over and over. This was a new technique for them; they had never used exclusions and had just shown their ads to very broad audiences. Our team also updated their retargeting to increase the registration to participation ratio from 10% to 25%. This included 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day reminders about the weekly webinars to make sure it was top of mind. We also added some extra stuff to the webinar to boost the 100% video watch rate from 30% to 50%.

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1. First Month:

We initially started off with a $2,000 monthly budget. This was fairly small for the type of campaigns they were running, but it was enough for us to experiment with the CPL and get it down from $15-20 to a little under just $5.

2. Scaling Their Budget:

Once we saw the results and decreased CPL, they quickly increased their budget from $2,000. We were able to scale it up to $8,000 within a relatively short period of time, and we managed to keep their CPL at about $7 too ($3 under the goal of $10).

3. Maintaining Cost Per Lead:

Over the next four months, we helped them maintain the same budget and relatively even CPL – averaging just $10.16. Of course, some audiences did better than others, so this accounted for experiments with poor-performing audiences too. Even still, the spending and performance were both moving in the right direction.


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